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Zort is another in a long line of web-based RSS/Atom aggregators, based on MagpieRSS, to boot. It is available under the GNU GPL version 2. It features:

It does not feature:

... nor is it likely to include those things in the future. Zort was written in a very minimalistic frame of mind. As such, it has a very light dependency list:

Everything else that it needs is bundled in.


It seems likely that the question will come up: "Why bother creating yet another server-side RSS aggregator when there's millions of others out there already?"

Essentially, none of the ones I was able to find really did exactly what I wanted. I run a server at home which serves up various bits of content for me: netjuke, zuul, dailystrips, and other assorted products and homebrew snippets. I already have access controls set up for the site, and the server's accessible wherever I am, so my first requirement was that the application not require me to log in or manage users or have some kind of authentication scheme on top of anything else I already had. I also didn't want to install any larger framework like phpWebSite, post/phpnuke, xoops or anything like that, just to use an RSS plugin available on any of those systems. I also wanted to have something that was nice and minimal, kept everything all on one page, didn't play around with frames or anything like that, and looked very "clean."

In the end, none of the other aggregators I found did quite what I wanted, for whatever reason. So, I ended up cobbling my own together, and figured that there was an offchance that perhaps somebody else may have similar desires, so I registered the thing on sourceforge, and that's that. Since I was writing my own, I was also able to do away with any kind of database dependency, which was another dependency that I wanted to avoid.


The current release of Zort should be linked to from the very top of this page. If you feel like contacting me, mail me at cyb0rg@nospam.users.sf.net, or hop into FreeNode, where I'm generally online as sekhmet.

If you don't find Zort to your liking, here's a bunch of other server-side aggregators I tried out (or at least investigated) before writing Zort. One of them is sure to tickle your fancy:

Additionally, if none of those do it for you:

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